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Dental implants are prosthetic units designed to replace gaps left behind by lost teeth for medical, aesthetic, and functional purposes. Assembled of three major units, the titanium root, the abutment, and the crown. The durability, and longevity of the prosthetic are entirely dependent on the materials used in the crown. However, in most cases, the implants last permanently withstanding the pressures of daily oral activities.

Benefits of dental implants:

 Prevents bone resorption
 Improves the overall oral health
 Restores the lost glow to your natural smile
Surgical dentistry

The purpose of dental implants

Dental implants operate fully for the restoration of functionality, aesthetics, and oral health that often deteriorate or completely deplete upon the loss of natural teeth.


Anatomy of a tooth implant

A tooth implant, disassembled, is a tri-unit structure that compromises a root, an abutment, and a crown. Every individual segment functions for a particular purpose so that the whole unit is capable of mimicking much of the natural tooth.


 The implant

The implant, or the root, serves as both an anchor and an obstacle for bone deterioration. Entrenched beneath the gum and within the jawbone, the implant secures the implant firmly. In addition, the root applies pressure around the area of the implant which consequently stimulates blood circulation in the treated area preventing bone resorption.


The abutment

The abutment is the link that connects the crown to the root. Once the titanium root heals and safely infuses with the jawbone, the abutment is then placed to mediate the application of the crown.



The crown

The crown is the protuberant fragment of the implant that surfaces above the gum. The crown imitates teeth function and looks wise. However, the degree of success varies from one material to the other. Zirconium based crowns are considered the elite of cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry. Zirconium is the most durable and has the longest longevity periods. Because it is thicker than other materials it is not susceptible to chipping successfully restoring the authenticity of natural teeth.