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Does Laser Lipo Work?

  Pockets of stubborn body fat are an unwelcome guest in your life. They persist despite your best efforts to make them disappear through diet and exercise. In your quest to achieve a lean, toned physique, you have probably explored the idea of liposuction – a time-tested technique that can help remove unwanted fat from areas such […]

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Breast Implant Revision

DOES BREAST IMPLANT REVISION ALWAYS NEED A LIFT? There are a variety of reasons that you may be considering breast implant revision after augmentation. Certain complications that may arise from breast augmentation can be addressed with revision surgery procedures, but in the case of downsizing or removal of implants, it’s usually prudent to consider combining a breast […]

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Augmentations, lifts and reductions

Which breast surgery is right for you? Explaining augmentations, lifts and reductions   Breasts come in a wide range of shapes and sizes – much like the women who have them. Body positivity aside, embracing what you have naturally isn’t always easy. Whether it’s feeling insecure about their breast shape, not liking the way shirts […]

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Choosing Surgeon

Why it is important to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon? Almost everyone has heard of a quack doctor story on the news or in the papers. A quack doctor is an individual with no medical qualifications claiming to be a medical practitioner and who in fact has little to no medical knowledge. It is not […]

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